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Web-sites, web-applications

The specialists of the innovative company VARNA develop all kinds of web-sites.

A long time ago Internet pages became the most important attribute for each company. Nowadays, they have turned into the effective tool with which to conduct business, and to increase their income. We create the sites which are not only informative but also interactive. Owing to this fact, our customers improve links with their clients and expand in the market.

Web-sites and web-applications are the best way to make you known, to give all necessary information to the clients and to simplify their problems with choice.

Our developments:

  • web-site-visiting cards;
  • corporative sites;
  • Internet shops;
  • informative sites;
  • systems of electronic payments;
  • playing portals.

Web-applications are most of all directed at the certain task under the client wishes. Applications are developed exactly to the technical target, and they can be useful to perspective first-time projects and to established ones. At will, our specialists can analyse client demands and elaborate the technical task independently. The last step of development of such product is a careful testing in real circumstances of use.

VARNA provides the complete cross browser compatibility of all projects.

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