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System software and drivers

Driver is a program linking the user and the hardwired control device. It reforms commands into control signals. System software is a complex of programs making component software and providing management of its elements.

In fact, this software functions imperceptibly for the user, but it is very important for the correct working of the complex of equipment.

We create special software which permits the control and management parameters of technical devices connecting to the computer through suitable interfaces.

Software for working equipment is the possibility for convenient operational control.

Between our developments are drivers produced for devices in our technical centre, and for ones of other producers. Particularly our famous task is the development of software for the Linux operating system.

System software of VARNA permits:

  • to obtain admittance to hardware of external devices;
  • programmatically to process and to interpret data going from the components of system;
  • to realise management from the computer.

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