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Models of cooperation

For the purpose of maximum effective cooperation of Varna Company with their clients, we propose some models of collaboration and payment. The right selection of the necessary chart determines cost optimisation for development and time of production.

Fixed cost of project

A fixed cost of the project is used for typical standard of work when it is possible to predict an amount of labor and temporal charges beforehand. Minimum risks of project realisation give an opportunity to define its total cost and to work out the plan of staged or flat payment.

This model of collaboration showed itself to a good advantage in contracts for production of equipment, electronic devices and circuit boards.

Cost of actual work hours

The model is effective for contracts of technical support, consulting, development and updating of software. It is useful when it is impossible to value a real amount of work under contract.

There is a convenient chart with a monthly payment for accounting periods after determination of work hours of the previous month.

Such a model is used in some tasks of creation of prototype, untypical devices and for checking ideas of their real realisation. This form of collaboration differs by large involvement in client management. At once it minimises your financial risks.

Project team

The model of collaboration using in the working process with customers during a large product creation, or a line of production takes about a year or so.

Our company forms a special team for the particular customer. The form of pay is monthly, and it is determined by the cost of the number of hours worked by members of the team.

This model demands the cooperation between a cuctomer’s manager and the project team on a basis of outsourcing. This form of cooperation works perfectly for long-term projects, and it is recommended for projects with risks for a customer or investor, as they can be stopped at any time.

Mixed model

Complex tasks of development are often divided into some steps and some of them demands its own model of collaboration and payment. That’s why we propose to our clients the flexible approach for choosing of right form of collaboration.

For example, one part of the project (development of apparatus component) can be performed by fixed coast; another (development of software and technical support) by cost of factual work hours.

For an individual approach in the realisation of each project Varna Company has many others models of cooperation:

  • Cost by division of income from the realization of the finished product
  • Running royalty
  • Division of intelligent rights on product components.

Flexible formats of collaboration give us and our clients some optimum alternatives of work and payment which benefit all potential clients.

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