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Development of software

VARNA software for clients is a mode to decide their requirements, to simplify the working process and to expand their own business.

Our services are development and supporting of:

There are two big groups of programs on each computer:

  • system programs;
  • application programs;

System programs are the elements of an operating system, and they provide each piece of a client’s items, setting and servicing of the computer pass by the use of these applications, interacting with each other, and with the core of the operating system.

Application programs execute the required functions of the client. For example typesetting, listening to wave files, watching video, editing graphics etc. These programs are very different, but there are a lot of tasks which demand some new and more successful decisions.

The area of development of software is very perspective for the authors of program products and the investors.

Contemporary possibilities of development permit the rapid creation all kinds of application:

  • Programs in demand of wide audience: are created to be regrated. It is possible to have benefits by releasing of regularly paid updates;
  • special-purpose programs are satisfied the requirements of the customer: are developed to decide specific tasks of production or business and they permit to formalize, to simplify and to refine the work.

The particular sphere of development of software is a web-site design. Large projects demand special elaboration and optimization of a source code. It not only provides the correctness, but the speed of site working which is an important feature for each Internet user.

The staffs of the innovative company VARNA are certificated specialists knowledgeable in modern programming languages and they are able to decide all kinds of applications.

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