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Development of digital electronic devices

Digital electronic devices work with discrete (digital) signal. Their specter is very wide and covers a lot of components from electronic logical elements and triggers, to modern microprocessors.

VARNA Company helps their clients to decide as traditional as uncommon tasks and realise its own ideas with competitive electronic modules. These modules are made using advanced manufacturing sciences and foreign experts’ experience.

Modern digital electronics from VARNA are functional probe-tested systems fully ready to serial production.

We create made-to-order digital devices which are capable of:

  • expending and diversifying client business;
  • bring down working hours;
  • increasing profitability;
  • raising the level of control and management of production.

Our clients are:

  • companies which are needed to develop tested samples for following serial production
  • scientific centers researching the creation of a unique electronic product
  • producers of highly tailored devices willing to extend production and other interested parties

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