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Development of MCU devices

MCU is a microchip which manages other electronic components. Combining functions of processor and controller of peripherals, MCU is a little computer made on one crystal.

MCU is a necessary attribute of contemporary electronics effectively using in computer technology, industry and automation.

Modern MCU is a power computing device constructed on a singular microchip. It replaces all set of electronic components and gives some advantages: inexpensive cost of the product, low-power and small sizes,with wide functional possibilities of its systems.

VARNA Company develops such MCU devices:

  • electronic systems of management for household appliances
  • elements of industrial automation (programming logical controllers, control relay and others)
  • electronics for systemas « Smart home»;
  • components of automotive electronics and many others.

Development of MCU devices is a perspective way of development. The clients addressing to our innovation company VARNA with the task of creation of new electronic components receive the product completely ready for production and realization.

Our customers are single owners of development results which can not be replicated in others projects.

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