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Development of analogue electronic devices

VARNA’s technical centre develops analogue electronic devices which have digital electronic devices as their components. Centre specialists are able to develop full analogue devices for orders of the contract electronics.

In digital age, analogue devices are not finishted with yet. They are also one of the elements of electronics.

For its clients, VARNA’s technical centre develops analogue electronic modules that are used independently and as components of digital devices since 2005.

At this moment the centre has experience of development of analogue devices such as:

  • high Q filters with 100 Hz - 1 MHz working frequency based on operational amplifiers
  • creation of measuring parts of test instruments
  • development of telephony blocks for special using
  • devices for transition of analogue signals on twisted pair of distance from 1 km to 10 km
  • making models of analog-digital and digital-analog converter according to client tasks
  • production of testing equipment for the checking of self-made products and others
  • noiseless signal amplifier in the range 30 Hz – 1.2 GHz

These analogue modules can be delivered as circuit boards and as finished products in plastic or metal cases and in a cardboard wrapper with a complete set of description and documentation.  

Technical center can perform a small or a medium branch production of 10-400 circuit board devices per mensem.

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