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Bubble panels for your home or office

Modern person, living in a bustling city, is almost always under stress (at work, in shops, homes, transport). It is therefore important to give him a sense of comfort and convenience. It is not necessary to change radically the interior of apartment or office, it is enough to place there bright and beautiful accents. An excellent solution is bubble panels, which can be a good way to relax and relieve stress. In addition, they operate virtually without any nose with only light sounds of air bubbles bursting. It is thanks to its unique therapeutic action bubble panels have become quite popular recently.

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It is impossible to notice how easy they are in tune with your mood. Thereto, in some models, there is a special switch with which you can customize the speed of the bubbles and the intensity of their occurrence. Another advantage is the beneficial effect not only on the human psyche, but also on the interior of the premises where the panels are installed. Moved colored bubbles are able to give the atmosphere a little more dynamic, eliminating the feeling of absolute static clutter and furniture sets. In addition, illumination, in certain situations, can be used as the main light source. There is also the opportunity to purchase immediately a set of highlighters to change shades of pan as you want.

This construction is made of acrylic glass, whose thickness can vary from 16 – 40 mm. It is filled with water, with a certain color light, against which, from the bottom, the air bubbles rise. The play of light in the backlight panel is provided by a large number of LEDs above and below. And for that air bubbles do not mix with each other, there are special walls inside the structure itself. There are many ways to diversify its appearance: use the original colors, arrange the upper and lower lights to the water column, pneumatics, and air bubbles rising to the chain or singly, and so. The volume of closed panel makes bubbles whimsically change its trajectory, vibrating and changing the speed. The bubbles of the panel are illuminated by directional light beams of different colors, which follow each other smoothly. A huge area of small rising bubbles creates a fascinating picture of a continuous vertical movement or turbulent rotation.

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If you are developing a new image of your house or apartment, it makes sense to get acquainted with new design elements to create unique and comfortable atmosphere. Bubble panel is quite affordable, and aesthetic pleasure can’t be compared with some material costs. Color solution set and lighting design can be selected in accordance with the general composition of the room. An additional feature is a soundtrack, such as surf or waterfall. Also, the air-bubble panels look great in an office or restaurant interiors, creating a microclimate with the right attitude. Bubble design is successfully used in the design of bars and hotel lobbies, where it is particularly important first impression.

You can buy bubble panels of all shapes and sizes; the general is only an air-water principal of the panel. The design does not require some additional communications, but the electrical connections. Panel’s mobility allows you to change its position during the further alterations in the room.

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