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Analysis of the present hardware-software structure of the enterprise and working-out of recommendations

It is very important to analyze the technical component of the work of a company for the full understanding and effective management of processes.

We independently and purposely dissect the present hardware-software structure of the enterprise. It is tracked by conclusions and recommendations for its modernization. Technical and software features constitute an integrated complex which its elements must be corresponded to the high end level of progress.

Analysis of the technical software base of the company, gives the possibility of passing on to the next level of development always, which is advancing in its techniques.

The result of such analysis conducted by VARNA specialists is the development of specific propositions which give an opportunity to direct the development of the client company to the right course and to optimize the working procedure.

Our work permits:

  • Estimate the effectiveness of use of present software- hardware facilities;
  • Prepare proposals for their exchange, or updating in case of need;
  • Entrust with some of tasks of the service staff on automated systems;
  • Choose the perspective line of the development of the technical base of the company for years to come.

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