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About us

VARNA Company is a creative staff of talented specialists in many different fields of activity, united by progressive thinking and the aspiration for efficient results.

About us

The members of project VARNA are masters of electronics, systems engineering and system integration. They are professionals of programming and design, and creative developers of complex business systems. Set up some years ago, the project has aimed to introduce effective modern decisions into traditional methods of work.

VARNA: progressive technologies take your business to a new level.

About our activity

Our work is highly efficient and well practiced,which is why we can ensure a successful result. We work in various areas, and our achievements are reflected in fully functional systems of hardware-software solutions able to perform solving a client’s tasks.

Understanding a client’s requirements. Production control. Full maintenance

About our achievements

Since its creation, the innovative company, VARNA, has successfully finished a great number of projects. Each of them began with the studying of client’s requirements and to the planning of the product’s conception and finished to introduce it into the business.

We have now completed seven years worth of work, with dozens of grateful clients, and hundreds of original solutions.

Our message is to create devices and programs which will make our life easier. This philosophical idea is expressed in practicable achievements; finding new ways of creating income, the competent organization of working process, the reductin of costs, and increased productivity and profit.

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